Today’s IT shops utilize best of the breed software and services.  CloudMonix integrates with top third party vendors to provide exceptional monitoring and automation experience.


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PagerDuty offers alert management, assignment, escalation, and scheduling.

With CloudMonix-PagerDuty integration, IT administrators can better manage their alerts and on-call schedules and keep their teams happy

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Slack is a popular chat tool for teams and organizations.

With CloudMonix-Slack integration, IT support groups can receive alerts and notifications right in their Slack channels

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HipChat is a Web service for internal/private chat and instant messaging.

With CloudMonix-Hipchat integration, support teams can receive their notifications right in Hipchat rooms

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Reliable and affordable, Twilio instantenously delivers text messages in most countries of the world.

With CloudMonix-Twilio integration, IT administrators can utilize their existing Twilio accounts and receive alerts via SMS.

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Organizations often have many systems that need to track and spread system alerts and messages.

With CloudMonix-Webhooks integration, IT administrators can send their alerts and notifications to 3rd party or custom systems of their choice

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