Azure Welcomes Cray Supercomputers

The partnership of Microsoft Azure and Cray has brought immense ease for the Azure users who work on complex tasks like precision medicine, scientific research, manufacturing, and energy. The collaboration will give users the direct access to supercomputer capabilities and use the power of HPC and AI in an agile way.

The use of supercomputer in […]

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Web App Migration from ClearDB to Azure

Azure Database for MySQL grabbed the attention of developers and they had shown a remarkable interest in it. Better and efficient features of Azure Database for MySQL distinguish it from other databases and people want to know how to migrate a web app from ClearDB to Database Azure. Here, I will provide the right migration […]

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Support for monitoring and automation of Azure VM Scale Sets and Service Fabric

In April of 2016, Microsoft released Azure VM Scale Sets (VMSS).  Referred by many, as the successor to Azure Cloud Services, VMSS service provides management of multiple ubiquitous load-balanced Virtual Machines as a single logical unit.  This is especially useful for compute workloads, such as worker pools or web farms comprised of multiple servers doing […]

CloudMonix vs native Azure Monitoring

CloudMonix monitors a wide range of data, offering a comprehensive overview of both Azure and standalone resources. Much of the information tracked by CloudMonix is not available in Azure Portal. A comprehensive list of differences by each resource is outlined later in this article.

In addition to monitoring, CloudMonix offers a number of unique automation features […]

CloudMonix New Features: Auto-scaling of SQL Azure and SQL Data Warehouse

Over the weekend of October 28th, CloudMonix team released a number of important features for monitoring and automating of SQL Azure and SQL Data Warehouse databases. In addition, a few new integrations have been enabled.

– Azure SQL Databases are one of the most popular ways to store relational data in the Microsoft Azure […]

CloudMonix is now a part of Azure Marketplace!

CloudMonix makes its debut in the Azure Marketplace!

Effective immediately, Azure customers can sign up and purchase CloudMonix monitoring and automation platform thru the Azure Marketplace.  Subscribing to CloudMonix thru the Marketplace gives users ability to log into CloudMonix directly thru the Azure portal.  Teams will also appreciate simplified billing experience, as payments for CloudMonix will be handled […]

CloudMonix launches support for monitoring Azure hosted Linux Virtual Machines

CloudMonix is pleased to announce the launch and monitoring support for Linux Virtual Machines hosted on Azure Cloud Platform.  This adds to an already extensive list of Microsoft Azure resources that CloudMonix can help monitor and automate for Azure administrators.

With CloudMonix, Linux users and administrators can use sophisticated mechanisms to monitor, scale and automate their […]

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CloudMonix and PagerDuty join hands for next-gen Cloud Monitoring


With the sprawling growth of cloud-based systems and IT Infrastructure, it gets difficult for IT management to keep an eye on every service and resource deployed throughout the cloud environment. This is where CloudMonix comes in – a premier Cloud Services Monitoring application designed to provide deep insight, instant notifications and automatic problem resolution of modern yet […]

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Enabling SMS notifications in CloudMonix

Ability to receive immediate notifications about issues with production deployments is critical for engineers on the go. With CloudMonix, devops and support personnel can stay connected to their environments by receiving alerts and notifications not only thru email, but also via SMS. In order to achieve this, we’ve partnered up with Twilio, a leading cloud-communication […]

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Introducing CloudMonix

After 4 years of success with AzureWatch, we tasked ourselves with a new ambitious goal: to help IT professionals /automatically/ recover from problems in their production environments.

With this goal in mind, CloudMonix is ready to be unveiled. Simply put, CloudMonix brings an extra level of stability to production systems by detecting and automatically fixing issues.

According […]

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