Latest Azure Upgrades In BlockApps STRATO Suite

Azure and BlockApps teamed up in 2015 to create STRATO and the innovation encouraged several researchers to continue their work. This mighty collaboration resulted in the development of distinguishing features of STRATO and its ability to consume the Blockchain resources by using a simple REST-based API. New updates have become a part of blockchain suite […]

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Integration of Azure Site Recovery With Azure Virtual Machine

Microsoft Azure has made Azure Site Recover a built-in part of Azure Virtual Machine to help users replicate the setup in one click. The user can test disaster recovery scenarios and without wasting any time due to the integration of ASR’s one-click failover capabilities. One click facility is generally available and its use is very […]

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Benefits of Azure Data Lake Tools

Azure Data Lake tools provide a new and efficient environment of programming. Programmers who look for a lightweight U-SQL editor can opt for ADL tools for VSCode. The tools are equally compatible for other platforms like Mac and Linux. U-SQL framework is built for scaling for out big data queries which you can run on […]

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An Insight Into Cosmos DB in Azure Storage Explorer

Cosmos DB is added to Azure Storage Explorer (ASE) to make it more powerful programming tool. The database lets you explore more manage the user experience and manipulate data. You can manage Cosmos entities in a better and more protected way while the creation of the stored procedures has become effortless. Moreover, the triggering of […]

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Geo-Disaster Recovery Feature is Now Available in Azure

Microsoft Azure users can now use Geo disaster recovery feature in Azure Core services and Azure Event Hub. Azure Bus Service also offers this feature and it’s generally available for everyone. The amazing feature saves the people from managing recovering scenarios from code and lets them use services which utilize metadata synchronization in the independent […]

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New Features In Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Azure Log Analytics is playing an important role in monitoring the environment and performance of the system. The new features are becoming the part of Azure Log Analytics which involves the improved query language and better control over the system. It’s necessary for the user to upgrade your workspace as you can avail the benefits […]

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Truffle 4.0 Beta-2 Now Available on Azure

Efficient developing tools give significant help to the developers and make their work easier. Truffle has created a new set of tools which is designed for decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. These tools are not available in the traditional development kits and they assist the developers to manage the software development lifecycle by providing […]

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1709 Version of Windows Server is Available for Azure Users

Azure users have been using Windows Server for a longer time period and the programmers always try to deliver innovation and creation. The efforts have proved fruitful and Microsoft announces the release of Windows Server, version 1709. Windows server has increased the speed of faster release cadences and it’s the application innovation with containers and […]

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Use DAX Query Viewer on Azure Analysis Service Model

Data modeling and application modeling have significant importance in the developing and programmers always look for an easy yet effective way of modeling. Azure Analysis Services web designer is specially designed for the data modeling and it gives a browser-based experience to the users. It provides a useful platform for the users to create and […]

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Benefits of Cloud Service Map for AWS and Azure

Cloud Service Map helps the users to quickly compare the capabilities and features of all the categories of both AWS and Azure. The use of the service allows you to quickly migrate data from Azure if you are trying a multi-cloud solution with Azure. The service easily orients you among the services which are optimal […]

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