How to Prevent Security Threats On Azure with Linux Machine

Microsoft Azure has taken a remarkable initiative to prevent the entry of malicious items in the Linux machines. The security system developed by Azure Security Center detects suspicious processes occur in the machine and poor loading and unloading of the kernel module.

The indication of doubtful login attempts and suspicious activities are the core responsibilities of […]

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Accelerate Data Prep on Azure with Latest Paxata Launch

Azure HDInsight is a fully managed portal with cloud Apache Hadoop and it offers various benefits to the users. The major benefits include the optimization of open source clusters for Kafta, HBase, Spark, MapReduce, Microsoft R Server, and Hive by 99.9% SLA. The expansion of HDInsight Application Platform has come up some more benefits and […]

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What is On-Premises Automation and Configuration of Azure?

The configuration and automation of hybrid clouds becomes a challenging task for the companies and not understanding the requirements of the operating system is a major problem in many cases. A well-managed environment at scale demands complete control on the updates of the operating system and it’s also necessary to apply and monitor the configuration […]

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What is Azure Migrate and How to Use It?

Building a cloud strategy is an important part of any organization which plans to emerge as a digitally transformed enterprise. The transformation isn’t a big deal, but still, some companies find it difficult to migrate the critical parts of the infrastructure. Poor analysis of the company’s environment and complex relation between data, application, and workload […]

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How to Use Azure Management Libraries for .NET – v1.2?

1.2 Azure management libraries for .NET offers additional security and storage service encryption. The other benefits include network watcher service, search service, the creation of users in Azure Active Directory, and management service identity. After the downloading the 1.2 library, you need to create a virtual machine using define() … create() method chain.

IVirtualMachine virtualMachine = azure.VirtualMachines.Define(“myLinuxVM”)















Follow […]

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What is the Bot Conversation History with Azure Cosmos DB?

Bot Framework State is a service to track the context of a previous conversation with a specific user.  Bot Builder SDK users are well-aware of the importance of this feature as it helps you in data analysis and data auditing. Sentiment analysis and funnel analysis are the scenarios where you need Bot conversation and machine […]

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How Does IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service Automates Device Connection?

Azure IoT device provisioning service lets the users supervise millions of devices in a secure manner with the help of Azure IoT Hub. The Device Provisioning Service automates a process that requires extensive time and resources to run while the managing of multiple devices simultaneously has become very effortless. It’s the only cloud-based service which […]

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How to Check Network Connectivity using VM

Finding out an issue in network connectivity and performance in the cloud was a critical issue in the past due to the complex network of systems. The  Azure Network Watcherhas addressed the problem and presented the solution in the form of  check network connectivity. Basically, the feature is used to reduce the time of the […]

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R Scripts and Azure Function: A Crazy Duo

The advancement in technology pitched in the concept of serverless computing. Prior to the latest Microsoft release, it was merely a concept. Now, you can get your hands on by learning R language which the Microsoft Azure has just termed to be the key to access the potential of serverless architecture. It’s a well-known fact […]

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Failover with Traffic Manager from Azure to AWS

This post follows the same approach that we saw in Failover with Route 53 from Azure to AWS, but now the failover will be taken care of by Azure Traffic Manager.

The post will also show how CloudMonix can monitor the web app hosting the website on Azure.

CloudMonix offers advanced monitoring and automation features for Microsoft […]

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