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How to effectively monitor and manage multiple customers in CloudMonix

If you are a Service Provider IT organization that maintains and monitors systems for multiple customers, many considerations should be accounted for, in addition to actual monitoring, such as:

User & Permission management
Customer reporting
Data affinity and isolation
Centralized configuration management
Volume discounts

CloudMonix has a number of features that address issues mentioned above […]

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How to monitor and restart crashed Windows Services?

Windows Services are critical components of many IaaS systems running in Azure cloud or on-premise. Processes like SQL Server or IIS run as Windows Services. Moreover, organizations often rely on custom-developed Windows Services to perform important background tasks.

In this article, we’ll show you how to monitor and automatically restart crashed Windows Services using CloudMonix. If […]

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Root Cause Analysis with CloudMonix’s Historical Dashboard

To discover what caused production issues or to understand why a particular alert was raised, you need to conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA). An effective RCA session allows you to fix problems quickly and ensure that systems operate smoothly. However, in today’s complex cloud environments you might have to investigate many connected components before […]

Auto-scaling Azure Cloud Services and WebApps based on queue lengths

If you’re running applications in the cloud, you have the ability to use and pay only for resources that are needed to process the current workload.

In many cases, to optimize the usage of compute resources such as Azure Cloud Services (worker roles), Azure WebApps running WebJobs, or Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS), it is […]

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