Developer Features of Azure #CosmosDB Gremlin API

Azure CosmosDB Gremlin API provides the complete solution of graph database as graphs are the best ways to model the real world data in naturally inter-connected manner. Every graph consisted of two parts, i.e. vertices and edges. To represent the discrete quantities like a person or an event, you can use vertices while edges are […]

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Benefits of Query Replica Scale-Out for Azure Analysis Services

Clients always need an immediate response to their queries. Microsoft Azure fully comprehends the need of quick response time and has included the scale-out feature in Azure Analysis Services, Azure Portal, Analysis Services Rest API, and PowerShell. Scale-out feature distributes queries in different replicas and separates them in a pool which minimizes the processing time. […]

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Developer’s Insight Into TierPoint DraaS Offering

TierPoint is a trusted and renowned partner of Microsoft Azure as it fully understands the need and importance of Azure Site Recovery. The company has decided to offer Azure Site Recovery to the clients as a managed DR solution which is very helpful to bring recovered online as quickly as possible. The DR solution is […]

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How to Use Sysmon to Detect In-Memory Attacks?

In-memory attacks have become a serious problem and the number of victims is increasing at a fast pace. Finding out the presence of the hacker in your system is difficult as hackers never write a file on the disk that is a usual way of hacking. They use in-memory instead which leaves little or no […]

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Developing SaaS Applications with Multi-tenant Patterns

A set of Saas applications contains different applications which use different database tendency models on SQL Database. These sets contain tutorials and management scripts which let you make your own SaaS app project without any assistance. They contain multiple SaaS-focused designs which help to accelerate application development on SQL database without facing any problem.
Major SQL […]

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How Does HPC Container Work with Azure Batch?

Azure Batch allows its user to schedule the tasks as Docker Container as containers are known as the best way to schedule, package, and execute High-Performance Computing Applications (HPC). Containers and Azure Batch also let you use powerful cloud-native job batch the workload in a consistent manner.

If you are a Singularity container user, then you […]

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CosmosDB Table API: Optimal Solution for Storage Problem

Azure Cosmos DB Table API is a remarkable solution of storage problems and it’s available as a production-ready solution by Microsoft. The API gives several benefits which were not found in Azure Table storage. 5 well-defined consistency models, dedicated worldwide throughput, single-digit millisecond latency, and turnkey global key distribution are the major advantages which users […]

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Exceptional Features of Microsoft Data Accelerator Program

Customers demand fast and efficient solutions to their problems and organization need to deliver the best products to maintain their reputation. Microsoft Data Accelerator Program provides the latest innovation in every solution and helps you to meet the customers’ requirements. It’s a reliable upgrade service which lets you modernize your on-premises and cloud applications without […]

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Perks of CAA Record Support and IPv6 Nameservers

Azure DNS updates the CAA Record Support allows the domain owners to specify work authorities and provide them certificates without facing any difficulty. Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) resources need proper checking from now on and it has made mandatory to ensure maximum protection. The proper checking of the domain authority is made to provide flawless […]

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How Developers Get Benefit from Bash in Cloud Shell?

With the help of Bash, the developers can use interactive web-based experience by using Linux command-line experience without the boundaries of time and place. No strict rules and efforts are required to avail this opportunity and users can access the authenticated workstation by managing Azure resources and environment with a single click even when they […]

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