Azure SQL DB and Tableau: The Perfect Duo

For the past few years, the teams at Tableau Engineering and Microsoft have been working closely. They intend to provide the customers with a rich and interactive user experience. This article will mainly focus on optimizing the connectivity between the Tableau and Azure SQL. The learnings which have been extracted from the joint work experience […]

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An Insight into the Latest Azure Analysis Services Web Designer

Microsoft has recently released the latest web designer which has been named Azure Analysis Services (AAS) Web Designer. It is being expected that this browser-based web designer will enable the developers to create and manage the semantic models of Azure Analysis Services, more quickly and easily. This might not seem a new approach to many […]

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Website Acceleration with Azure CDN using Dynamic Site Acceleration

Today’s user expects reliable, personalized and fast web experience whose robustness is totally independent of the browser’s limitations, location, network or device specifications. The quest of providing the users with rich web experience resulted in slower page downloads which in turn has put the quality of entire user experience at risk.

The Standard Content Delivery Network […]

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How Web Application Firewall Protects your Azure Servers

The IT professionals sometimes have no idea about the loopholes of the system they are working on. In order to exploit these loopholes, there are many tools in the market which can penetrate the system at any moment and ruin its credibility by disrupting its functionality. In order to bridge the gap between the security […]

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An Insight into Azure’s Container Registry

The latest version of Azure Container Registry is now available in three options:

–    Basic.

–    Standard.

–    Premium.

These registries have been made available by Microsoft within three major regions including West Central United States, Western Europe, and the Eastern United States. It is being claimed by the authorities that the support for other regions will continue to […]

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Running Azure Batch Jobs Using Azure CLI

When Microsoft introduced the Azure Batch, It’s was mainly targeted for two major segments of professionals:

The segment which was producing Software as a Service (SaaS).
The segment which was related to client solutions and it had to run several applications and algorithms on a large scale.

Developers are entrusted with the task of integrating the […]

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Nested Virtualization in Microsoft Azure: A Latest Breakthrough

The idea of nested virtualization using any extension or batch files was considered merely a concept once. Now, Microsoft has successfully turned this idea into reality by enabling the nested virtualization via EV3 and DV3 Virtual Machine sizes. The representative of technical support staff has further promised that they will continue to expand the horizon […]

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Failover with Traffic Manager from Azure to AWS

This post follows the same approach that we saw in Failover with Route 53 from Azure to AWS, but now the failover will be taken care of by Azure Traffic Manager.

The post will also show how CloudMonix can monitor the web app hosting the website on Azure.

CloudMonix offers advanced monitoring and automation features for Microsoft […]

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Connect Azure using VPN Gateway to AWS VPC

In this post, we will see how a virtual network in Azure connects to an AWS Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) using a virtual network gateway. As a bonus, CloudMonix will start monitoring the virtual network gateway.

This post provides another point of view on how you can connect an AWS VPC to Azure using dedicated VPN connection […]

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Receive CloudMonix notifications in Slack or HipChat


Many teams are using tools like Slack or HipChat to collaborate more effectively in real time. Often people keep their chat apps open all day, which makes them also a very convenient tool for receiving notifications that require immediate attention.

In addition to providing amazing team communication, tools like Slack and Hipchat can be integrated […]

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