Performance and Storage Upgrades in Azure SQL Database

Up till the recent developments in Azure SQL, the maximum performance cornerstone for a single data repository located in the standard tier was marked to 100 DTUs. Now, the rate at which the latest updates have increased the performance markup is a whopping 30 times thus making it around 3000 DTUs. The latest S4-S12 performance […]

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What are the New Features of Security and Compliance in Azure Stack

Security consideration and compliance regulation are the important concerns of the people who opt for hybrid clouds while using IaaS and PaaS technologies. Azure stack answers to these needs and specially designed while keeping users’ requirements in the mind. Assume breach and hardened by default are the two main principles on which the design of […]

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How to save money on Azure Blob Storage with blob-level Tiering

Digital data is increasing day by day and organizations have to store data over a longer period of time as discarding the important data such as the employees’ information, medical record, and salary record can create serious problems for both organizations and start-ups.  Cool Blob Storage is the solution of all the aforementioned problems as […]

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How New Azure VPN Gateways is 6x Faster than Its Previous Version

The new version of Azure VPN Gateway addresses the needs of mission-critical workloads which require great precision and high performance. Better SLA ensures better speed and available at the same price. The entire VPN gateway service is re-engineered and stricter SLA is added up to provide 6x faster performance and solve the issue of increased […]

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How to Check Network Connectivity using VM

Finding out an issue in network connectivity and performance in the cloud was a critical issue in the past due to the complex network of systems. The  Azure Network Watcherhas addressed the problem and presented the solution in the form of  check network connectivity. Basically, the feature is used to reduce the time of the […]

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How to Use Update Management Solution to Manage Updates for Your Azure VMs

Update Management solution is used to access and manage the Azure VM updates. It lets you check the status of the updates and you can select and initiate updates or verify them by reviewing the deployment results to the VM. Currently, a private preview is the only available feature which you can access by signing […]

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How to Run OpenBSD on Azure

An openBSD project is designed to produce the 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system which is freely available and has multitasking properties. The main purpose of this project is portability and security without compromising over correctness and standardization.

Features of OpenBSD on Azure

It’s highly secure operating system and has great value for professionals due to the availability of […]

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How to Deploy Azure Container Instances Via Azure CLI

The functionality of the containers significantly depends on the developing methods the developers opt for the application. It also changes its pattern according to the system administrators in order to maintain the process flow in the working environment. The core function of the container is to provide simple and open standard portability between platforms and […]

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Get to Know the ISVs Who Find their Cloud Footing on Azure

The IT boom in the last few years has increased pressure on ISV’s to develop their own cloud roadmap and public demand is difficult for them to ignore for long. The statement of Gartner supports this fact which says that the IT enterprises have to give justification to their customers if they prefer something else […]

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Best Way to Create Enterprise Grade BI Models with Azure Analysis Services

Every big or small enterprise should provide access to its data to its users as it has become a necessary demand of every successful data-driven organizations. Analytics Engine in Microsoft SQL Server also offers Azure Analysis Services which helps the enterprises to make data available at fingerprints to everyone instead of limiting it only to […]

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